• Computers and servers
    Technical and system support
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  • Product Livecycle
    We collect and recondition your used equipment
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  • Printing Solutions
    Environmentally friendly printing consumables
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Our services

For private companies or public administrations, our services are. Tailored to the customer's needs.

Technical and system support

Hardware and software support for businesses, individuals and public administrations. Used computer take-back and reconditioning. Solutions for sustainable printing.


We handle the installation of computers, servers, printers, and other computer equipment. Flexible and balanced hardware equipment solutions.


Consulting on all different hardware equipment and major software, used computer disposal and recovery systems.

Our green choice

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have promoted procedures internally that would promote the sustainability of products and processes.

What was once considered a waste is now a real resource!

Through a thorough, precise and highly professional process, we are able to recondition your used machine and give it a new life.

New Computer New Server

Use of the equipment




Who we are

Present in the market since 2005, ATI Ltd. specializes in hardware and software technical support of all kinds of equipment in the IT environment.

The comprehensiveness of the services offered makes it possible to fully satisfy any customer who wants to have a single point of contact for all assistance needs in the IT sector.

  • Design, installation, support IT services

  • Sale of any computer equipment and consumables, with extremely competitive prices

Rental and purchase

We have different formulas for supplying computer equipment. Choose the one best suited to your needs.


New or reconditioned equipment guaranteed, the certainty of always having professional support

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Flex Formula

Our Flex formula allows you to purchase the IT equipment you need and rent the additional resources you need throughout the year. You will always have a balanced solution tailored to you every time.

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Operational rental

Free yourself from the constraints of purchasing equipment with our operational rentals.

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Our contacts


    Via A. Volta 30/E
    20010 Mesero (MI)

    Write or call

    Email: info@atitechnology.it
    Pec: atisrl@pec.it
    Phone:+39 02 93180996