Since 2005, specializing in IT infrastructure.

Since 2005, specializing in IT infrastructure.

The company, which has been on the market since 2005, specializes in hardware and software technical support of all types of equipment in the IT environment.

Carries out the sale of any computer equipment and consumables, with extremely competitive prices.

The customer satisfaction with taylor-made services is the goal of each of our services and supplies.

What is our strength?

What is our strength?

We are a company that can follow the customer and 360° in the it world. We collaborate with market-leading companies to best meet customer needs by creating customized solutions and using the best available technologies. The comprehensiveness of the services offered makes it possible to fully satisfy any customer who wants to have a single point of contact for all IT support needs.

We carry out sales of any computer equipment and consumables with extremely competitive prices.

Our goal

Giving value to quality by focusing on an operational structure spread throughout the country coordinated by central support that constantly oversees and monitors all activities and informs the client of the progress of services. Our technical specialists located nationwide, have specific knowledge to be able to service all multi-brand equipment operating in the IT field. Our human resources are continuously trained and updated.

To provide Customers with efficient, qualified, flexible and cost-effective technical support throughout the life-cycle of their IT equipment. Turn renovation needs into growth and development opportunities through installation, maintenance, consulting, professional services, system integration, and disposal services while also offering the option of purchasing or renting RFB systems or parts.

Our goal

Our customers

We provide services to Privates, Companies e Public Administration.
We are registered with the PA electronic marketplace (MEPA) and SINTEL.

What do we want to focus on attention ?


This latest period in history has shown us that no one can avoid the acceleration of digital transformation that has had a major boost related to Covid-19 . Now it is up to companies to review their choices, optimize them, and align them with a new digitization strategy . Ati Technology is ready to accompany you into the future. We manage the IT world and related services comprehensively. Our taylor-made services are sewn to the needs of each individual client.


Sustainable business models are constantly growing, and offering customized solutions while respecting and safeguarding the environment is our focus. In addition, product life cycles in the technology and IT sectors are getting shorter and shorter. We support sustainable solutions and believe in recycling. End-to-end lifecycle management is our challenge. We want to provide our customers with services along the entire product lifecycle from sale, through service and ending with recall, proposal of certified data erasure, and technical and visual reconditioning of assets. We advocate the use of refurbished products for ecologically oriented action and ensure cost savings for our customers by sourcing smart IT.


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