Equipment reconditioning

Reconditioning of computer equipment has become an important issue in the technology sector in recent years. As the use of electronic devices increases worldwide, the issue of their disposal and environmental impact is becoming increasingly relevant.

Choosing ATI means relying on a reliable partner to ensure that equipment is either properly disposed of or properly maintained to be put back on the market.

From problem diagnosis, through repair of defective component parts, to cleaning and formatting devices, all steps are performed by ATI’s trained and specialized staff.

Reconditioning computer equipment can be a beneficial option for companies, which regularly replace their electronic devices to ensure that their computer hardware is always up to date. However, this can lead to a large amount of obsolete devices that need to be disposed of. Reconditioning these devices, instead of disposing of them, can not only reduce the environmental impact, but can also be a cheaper option for the company wishing to upgrade its hardware.



Equipment reconditioning

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